I take a generalist’s approach to strategy and can help organizations in any industry and of any size assess both their internal and external environments, explore and generate innovative opportunities, craft strategy and action, build capacities for success, and assess and correct course in turbulent environments. Key competencies:
  • organizational assessment (+ group and individual), design, and intervention
  • environmental scanning
  • strategic planning
  • visioning
  • strategy crafting
  • execution and implementation
  • course corrections and realignment
  • organizational development
  • differentiators:
  • highly customized approach to all stages of strategy and transformation
  • employing new and creative approaches
  • using design to craft and realize strategy
  • developing organizational capacities through the engagement

I help organizations generate new ideas, put them in action, and create value using both traditional innovation methods and a design thinking approach. Key competencies:
  • innovation philosophy, approach, practices, and methodologies
  • creativity
  • design thinking methods
  • employing positive turbulence
  • divergence through ideation and generative processes
  • convergence through selection, filtering, and evaluative processes
  • prototype development and testing
  • implementation feasibility, planning, and execution
  • developing and strengthening innovation learning communities
  • leading and managing innovation and design
  • differentiators:
  • generating dynamically emergent processes
  • linking innovation and design with strategy
  • adaptable processes across industries and organizational types
  • strong network of innovation and design associates

I work with groups of all sizes to create unique and powerful engagements that lead to strong outcomes, group cohesion and productivity, and profound learning and transformational experiences for adults. Key competencies:
  • design and delivery of unique, impactful engagements
  • small group and team development
  • large scale facilitation
  • boards and executive teams
  • leadership roundtables
  • multi-day retreats
  • cultivating communities of practice
  • ongoing engagements that develop organizational capacities
  • delivering workshops and university-level teaching
  • public speaking
  • differentiators:
  • active and engaged learning
  • unique learning experiences
  • focus on outcomes over content
  • innovative and creative methods and solutions
I bring the best of thought-leadership and practice-leadership to help organizations spark thought and ideas, design and achieve their future vision, and navigate change as they focus, strengthen, and transcend current limitations. I catalyze conversations that change the future.

My work focuses on three practice areas: strategy, innovation and design, and facilitation of all kinds.

Ask me how I can bring my energy and ideas to help you address your toughest challenges.

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